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How is the process of resistance abandonment and ascension of being? – Serapis Bey

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Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original postada anteriormente em português.

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The ascension comes from the moment that the heart becomes the center of the command of the being in conjunction with the One.

The ascension process begins from the moment that unity with the Creator is understood from the heart, giving birth to that latent true that it is impossible to cross her.

The rise is the opening of the soul to its own universal truth, in conjunction with the one. At this point, the self love and self-knowledge are combined in total harmony and perfection with creation, with All That Is.

The support of inner truth, led by the heart, occurs in coherence and full harmony with the unit.

From that moment resistances are set aside, because the understanding of the unity is so latent that the doubts disappear. The Being stands in harmony with creation.

Doesn’t exist more fear, no more resistance since being finds himself in divine perfection with the universal flow of all creation.

External facts become rich experiences of the soul that are simply accepted.

The outer no longer disrupts the being because everything that exist is in harmony and perfection.

Becomes relevant the role of being in the unit, as a beautiful and magical truth arising from the heart in communion with the whole.

The outside world is seen as an enriching experience that not alter more the truth, the inner peace, the self-respect, then allowing that being truly enjoy everything that the creation offers without any restriction.

The Being loving that comes from the heart goes to be fully aware of your self, putting it in perfect conjunction with the All.

About this process there are no rules. It arises at the exact moment that the creation do in conjunction with the will and openness of the being, featured in placing the beautiful and wonderful being that exist in the heart, in full harmony with All That Is.

It is something beautiful to see the creator recognizing as such.

Serapis Bey

Channel: Thiago Strapasson

Translation: Filipe Novais

Plumbing: 10/10/2015

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