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Be the masters of the Heart – Master Jesus

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jesus coração

Dear brothers!


A new cycle begins in your lives, one in which a new journey of love, faith, unity and integration with the light emerges in the horizon. To follow that path, just surrender to this new energy, allowing yourselves to be what you are. That’s all, because you are everything, and everything is you.


In your lives and in this earthly existence, you have been led to believe that you are unworthy, that you are in a world to purge old mistakes, that the Father is “punishing” you, as people do with spoiled children. That is the belief that prevails, which led you to be in that position of waiting. You wait for the government, you wait for the return of the Savior. In fact, you get angry with the government and with the religion that don’t bring what you expect. That way, you keep on waiting, but you do it because you follow what you’ve been taught and what you accepted as truth: the belief that you would not be capable by yourselves. You believe you are insignificant in the face of creation and of the “mistakes” you made, then you must go through the pain, suffering and difficulties in order to redeem the errors of the past.


This, beloved children, was what the system wanted you to believe. They even say that I died on the cross to save you from all your sins, when my sole purpose was to be a master on Earth. By being a master, I could bring an example of work and mastery in the physical life. By following my heart, I ended up carrying the word of the Father and showing a new way of being. But that was the purpose of my latest life, just as it is yours.


By taking on all that energy of guilt, you went deep in the dense energies, deeming yourselves small and unworthy of being children of the Father. So much so that many of you call me the Son of God, as if I were His only child and you didn’t have this dignity, being unworthy of belonging to creation and to everything that is. In this energy of denial, you forgot you are masters, that we are all children of the same Father, coming from the same source, and that you have in your hearts the same energy I have. You are as prepared to be masters of yourselves as any of us who are on this side of the veil.


Beloved brothers, beloved masters, children of the Lord, how happy I am to address you that way. I am even happier when I realize that many of you are already able to see yourselves like that. This is already happening, in large scale. That is everything to me and to our brothers. We want you to see yourselves in all confidence, to use your intuition and follow your heart, and to manifest in the physical world the purest love of the Father. That’s how we see you and that’s the way you should seek yourselves.


My brothers of the heart, masters in all abundance of our Father! Consider loving yourselves, respecting yourselves, listening to yourselves and letting your most loving voice prevail. That way, you will be coming to our kingdoms so that we become one, as it is our Father’s wish.


By recognizing yourselves as deserving, you will be moving away from the mind and entering the loving energy provided by the heart. However, many of you might be question yourselves, because you see a number of your brothers walking in the path of light and you would like to take the same path, but you lack strength and courage to face the world.


I tell you, my dear: you don’t need to face anything to be yourselves in all your essence; just surrender to the flow and accept yourselves. By keeping your inner peace, you will no longer need to prove anything to your brothers. You will not have to bring them to your path or follow theirs, because only your heart will prevail. By doing so, your mere presence will say everything without arguing, without proving anything, without deeming yourselves better or worse. Then you will be that presence of peace, of love, of centering that will manifest itself smoothly, as do the masters, as you can do!


Imagine a master whom you admire. Do you imagine them trying to prove anything, discussing religious philosophies, whether a given fact happened in a certain way or not? Or do you see them being, manifesting the mastery in their way of being, radiating their inner peace?


Now do it with yourselves: imagine you are masters of yourselves. How would you be? Stay in the peace of the Christ and recognize yourselves in what you really are. Stop for a minute, look within yourselves, seek the master of the heart. What is he/she like? Don’t judge them, don’t understand them and don’t fear them: feel them! Give yourselves this gift. You are sons of the Father just like me, remember? Therefore, be you, even for a minute, bring this master to your presence. He/she is loving. Do you recognize your mastery? It allows itself. It is you, my brothers. This master is you.


Do you understand, my beloved? You don’t need to prove nor understand. Just feel yourselves, allow yourselves and surrender to your hearts, that your presence will be the proof of everything. I’ve been among you and my presence is remembered for my life and work, without my writing of a single line. There is no such need, understand? Now, my promise to you: many of you will also be remembered. Are you ready for this? It is time to allow, to accept, to simply trust and surrender to everything you are. Surrender to love, and it shall lead you. Bring this master to you and be him/her, in all their essence. You don’t need to do anything else. That’s all and that’s it!


Your loving brother.




Thiago Strapasson – Dec. 29, 2015

Translation: Jeferson Henrique Cardoso


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