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Resonance and Ascension – Master Saint Germain

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Saint Germain

Blessed masters!


What a great opportunity I have to meet you, to bring energy and knowledge in our mutual assistance! Be aware that I bring these words in this now of your time, not only to your assistance, but also to my own. After all, I don’t have the chance to meet you all the time, great masters, open-hearted to permute the sacred energies you bring in your beings. It is a great opportunity that makes me really happy.


I also bring the great love that I keep in my heart for you. It is an incomprehensible love to your consciousness in a temporary state of limitation. A love also for the path you follow of transmutation of the entire planet to the higher spheres of consciousness.


You’ve left a dense, dark place, where you couldn’t see the horizon right up ahead. It was a sunset with no light to illuminate it. You have arrived at a point at which the horizon is clear, luminous, radiant, I would say, dominated by the benevolence of the energies of transmutation.


The world changes quickly and is bathed in energies that bring you increasingly closer to an expanded state of consciousness, in which you will no longer doubt all the magic and abundance that already permeate your beings in love, assistance and benevolence.


My masters, we sustain extremely subtle vibrational energies, which we can already irradiate to your world, due to the energetic level you are sustaining. We irradiate them to assist the mission that you once accepted and in love and commitment to the creation and ALL THAT IS. We also have the help of heavenly beings from the entire cosmos, only to support you. This is a process of unimaginable proportions to your current level of understanding, for the greatness it represents.


In this benevolent work your world is being, say, sanitized, cleaned of the old and obsolete energy patterns you were used to. Your bodies are being transmuted in order to sustain loving energies increasingly subtle, in grace to your beings and to all creation. For this reason, your consciences are decompressed, progressively accepting higher and beneficial standards to your world.


Acknowledge you are deserving of something better, something that is in line with your current vibrational levels of being. Acknowledge you are children of the creator, worthy of receiving all the riches He offers to his children. The old becomes unattractive because it simply doesn’t resonate with your beings. So, by taking the focus away from these ancient elements, they simply cease to exist in your worlds, in your realities.


Of course, for a moment, you go through an existential emptiness, in which the old doesn’t resonate, and the new is not yet fully implemented. But the important thing is that you already visualize the new, while the old doesn’t say anything anymore.


Just look at this! As consciousness expands, the old becomes uninteresting, obsolete, boring (laughter), causing you to seek new ways. This search releases the creative energy you bring along with your beings and, thus, you create a new reality.


My chest is filled with joy, because I’m able to introduce this simple process to which you are reviving your own creative energies, visualizing new and better ways of being, of doing things. This simple visualization, along with the heart’s will, that which truly resonates with your beings, transmutes the old ways by simply not accepting them in resonance anymore. You acknowledge you are deserving of something better and you put your energy into creating a new and better world of peace, understanding and abundance.


Therefore, as you expand your consciousness, you increase your vibrational levels, and everything that has been built with the help of dense and obsolete energies, that caused you the containment of consciences, begins to crumble. And this is for a simple reason: you shifted your focus because that no longer resonates with your beings, it does not interest you anymore.


It’s all much simpler than you can conceive, but no less magnificent and majestic. It is the creation, in favor of the creator, showing all its divine perfection. And you are at the core of this process, teaching all creation what it means to be a master of your spiritual source.


Yes, dear ones, don’t belittle yourself! Performing a work so beautiful and magnificent without access to all of your consciousness is only for those who hold a strong heart, full of faith, love and benevolence. That’s why you were chosen, because you possess the most secure sources of all creation, bringing them in your hearts.


So much so that, even in the face of all density and restrictions of all kinds you have faced, you never lost the sacred source of your beings, which is kept in your hearts. You never ceased to look to the flame of God in your hearts, which continues burning and radiant. And today you can say it aloud: Look here! Look where I’ve arrived! Look what I have done! And that is no pretense or arrogance, because what you did was grand.


From our perspective, we see you today, my beloved ones, as great souls, much greater than we thought you were when you agreed to take on this commitment. And so I thank you, because I only took on a spiritual position in this beautiful process because I knew I could count on you, the best ones! Those who were chosen because of the unique and irreplaceable gifts they hold.


Thanks to the work you perform and the flame you kept burning in your hearts, you’ll see wonderful manifestations in your world very soon. You will see! I wouldn’t say that if it were not true, because I AM WHAT I AM! And I want you to know that all is well, in fact, all is well in all creation!


I am Saint Germain and, therefore, I ask you to accept this truth I present you!


Nov. 27, 2015 – Thiago Strapasson

Translation: Filipe Novais

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