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The fire of love (December 2015) – Serapis Bey

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It’s always a pleasure to speak to you, great souls who set out to restrict your conscience in favor of UNITY. What a wonderful service you’re providing! You were those whom the creator, in his divine plan, intended to drive the process of ascension on this planet. Therefore, it’s a cause for great joy to be able to address you, in communion of hearts! Thanks to the service you perform, the sacred flame of ascension is increasingly prevalent in your world. The flame which I kept and keep in my heart and which now starts blazing in the hearts of the brave masters whom I address at this moment.


Today I come to talk to you about a specific aspect, one of the qualities of the sacred flame of ascension, a guiding energy. The flame is being irradiated to guide us, noble masters, so that you become acquainted with the sacred energy contained in your hearts, which is supported by higher aspects of your self. By recognizing it, you’ll be able to irradiate it consciously. The ascension flame radiates from the core of creation and, as one of its functions, in love, guides you to the progressive release of elevated aspects of your self, but amid the physical plane.


Beloved masters, there are aspects in your self that led you to participate in this process, which caused you to be the chosen ones, among numerous volunteer masters. Your sacred hearts contain high features, which are supported by higher aspects of your self that, radiating the physical plane, will blaze in the hearts of all those who enter your field of influence. 


Thus, the flame of ascension works in order to guide you so that you take measures to allow these higher aspects of your self to radiate and blaze in the hearts that are open to receive it. See the importance these days of listening to the heart, not allowing the rationality sustained by the egoic mind to drive your self. Yes, because the flame of ascension will increasingly blaze in your hearts, guiding each one of you in your own process. That way, you will recognize yourselves and will be increasingly able to radiate, each time with greater intensity, the sacred flame that is contained in your hearts.


Each of you holds a sacred flame in your hearts, which brings essential characteristics for the successful global ascension process. The sacred flame of ascension is guiding you so that you can access and blaze your elevated aspects in all greatness of your self. Aspects that, I repeat, caused you to be chosen to use this temporary vesture in these times of transfiguration of your inferior personality. It is a flame that guides your hearts to radiate your sacred aspects.


You bring unique features in your self which, if irradiated, reach the vibrational field of everyone who put themselves under your influence. At the same time, you put yourselves in the vibrational field of other hearts.


The characteristic supported by each one’s heart will radiate, in unity, a unique flame in the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS, which will lift the hearts of all beings on this planet. It is a collective process in which all are essential to its completion. Therefore, we’ve repeatedly asked you to seek ways to pay attention to your sacred heart, because only then will you be in contact with the benevolent guidance of the flame of ascension and, at the same time, with the gifts of your heart. By knowing them, with all the mastery you possess, you will irradiate them. Listen, watch, seek your process, follow the heart, because it keeps the keys of self-knowledge, which will open your self to allow the irradiation of the sacred flame sustained by your higher aspects. Allow the irradiation of the whole fullness of your self. You have done a great job and are deserving of this divine gift.


Dear children, the flame you bring in your hearts is key to the process of freeing your world. You volunteered to this mission to irradiate it when requested. But only you can do it!


You are not alone, of course! Your guides, the community of ascended masters, the angels, all spirituality and a huge range of celestial beings support you. Although we are guiding you in this process to help you, calling you to look at your high aspects, there is nothing we can do if you don’t look inside yourselves, leaving aside the inferior feelings brought by the ego and by the inferior personality, as well as not allowing the chaos of the outside world to remove you from your sacred center.


Therefore, beloved children, it is the time to pay attention to the heart, you have recognized the mission of your soul, that which is contained in the sacred flame sustained in your hearts. Internalize, put aside the fear, the separation, the distrust the outside world tries to impose by driving the egoic mind. Follow the flame that is contained in your hearts, because it is the only one that will take you back to the fullness and perfection of your self. By reaching it, you will blaze it, thus modifying and freeing the world in which you live. And there is no effort in this process, my beloved ones, only permission.


Follow the heart. Stay in loving discipline in the center of your self that, with ease, will be driven to its destination. You are supported and loved, therefore, simply allow yourselves to be led by the universal flow of guidance which brings the sacred flame of ascension.


This is our request. Follow and listen to the heart. Stay in the center of your self, which is the path to liberation from the darkness of your world. Form together a great flame, like a huge fire of love, which will radiate throughout the cosmos and will blaze humanity in divine perfection. This is the plan of creation to global ascension.


Beloved masters, the power has always been, is and will always be with you. This is a call from my heart to yours so that together we can ignite the world in love and understanding. That’s what I ask with all the love in my self. Just allow it.


With enormous affection for everything you did and do, I thank you deeply, masters. The mission will be rewarding because you are accumulating great light to the elevation of your self and of all creation, in benevolence to ALL THAT IS.


Serapis Bey 

Channeling: 11.20.2015 – Thiago Strapasson

Translation: Jeferson Henrique Ferreira

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