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The Trine Flame – Master Nada

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Beloved children! May our Father’s blessings soothe you and expand your hearts. It is always such a pleasure to be able to offer you these brief words by which we convey the sacred teachings of our brotherhood.

I come with the sacred task to talk to you about the energies of love, inner strength and wisdom you carry in your hearts, and with the noble mission to tell you about the energies that make up your sacred hearts. These energies, which demonstrate your divine essence, in all benevolence of the Heavenly Father.

We have already told you that the very flame of God is stored in your sacred hearts and that you are Gods in a physical environment of limitation. The sacred flame “I Am God in My Heart” shows all your divinity when we see you from our perspective. We asked you in a previous opportunity to acknowledge it and respect yourselves for the divine beings you are, as well as recognize it in your brothers.

However, there are three fundamental energies contained in your hearts: the flame of love and of the creator Holy Spirit, the sacred flame of power, inner strength and faith in your actions, and the flame of wisdom, through which you can recognize yourselves in all your essence. These sacred flames are found in your hearts; a breath of the creator which makes you become Gods yourselves, but in an environment of consciousness limitation.

When you step into this world, the creator gives you the initial impulse, which is the blessing of physical life through the divine Holy Spirit’s breath of the sacred flame. That flame will put your bodies in resonance and vibration whenever you are in contact with love. In physical life, whenever you are touched by the energy of love, something inside will resonate, bringing you a wonderful feeling of pleasure, refuge, completeness and welfare. In this energy there is no solitude, you feel unified to creation again!

Beloved ones, so many acts of unreason and imbalance have been manifested in the search of love! You search “externally” for a love that the Father left blazing in your sacred hearts. You do it not knowing you don’t have to seek it externally, for it is at your reach. All you have to do is to access it inside yourselves.

But it’s natural, beloved children! When you are in contact with the energy of love, that energy will resonate with the flame of your sacred hearts. It will bring you to a wonderful feeling of well-being and comfort. Thus, you start to seek more of that wonderful feeling, which is, however, always inside you. So close… However, you make so much effort to get it, because you think it is so far away!

By receiving life, you receive, in grace, the flame that will sustain you amid the physical plane, the flame of power, of inner strength, of your sovereignty. This flame, which has been blazing for a long time with a restrained, weak fire, causing you to forget that the power is within you. You don’t need to seek it in external possessions, in a frantic rush of ostentation, for more and more, which adds nothing to you. When you fail to access this inner flame, you seek the power externally, which leads you to the vanity and the manifestation of the ego’s exuberance. However, beloved ones, all this stems from being deprived of recognizing your inner power, which is also stored in your sacred hearts, for prioritizing the mind.

You still carry the universal wisdom that will always lead you to the good tone, the softness, the energy of knowledge and acceptance. When you access this sacred energy, you simply know it! You no longer need to seek external references of conduct. This sacred flame leads to the mastery of your self, allowing you to say “I am what I am because the knowledge of the entire universe is in my heart.

For this reason, I can say that I know myself in all fullness. I know where to go, what to look for, and I know myself in the whole extension of the universe.” Together, these three flames bring you the fullness of the Heavenly Father and manifest themselves as a strong creative energy capable of producing the most beautiful wonders in this cosmos. These are you in all your essence!

However, the moment you step into the environment of limitation in which you find yourselves, the biggest of all the difficulties is the separation of the sacred flame “I am God in my heart”, the Creative Trine Flame. When you step into the physical environment, your consciousness is connected to the physical body. The density of this environment restricts it. Thus, you begin to face up to the energies of the physical self, the rational self, the ego. There is an inner confrontation between the spiritual awareness, in constraint, and the rational self that has the function to physically protect you from the outside world. At the beginning, the physical self will take you to fear, to doubt, to the need for self-affirmation and control.

However, as you become mature, you get balanced. The I Am, your spiritual essence, begins to resonate and prevail. Then, in a second moment, it begins to distinguish clearly between those wishes and desires of the ego and the way of the resonance of the heart. This process leads you to the access and recognition of the energies contained in your sacred hearts. As you lovingly move away from the egoic wishes of the mind, you begin to access your sacred hearts and feel your bodies in a process of internalization. So, by accessing it, you will be loving yourselves, knowing each other, and trusting yourselves. Be ready to co-create a world in resonance with the sacred energies of your hearts, manifesting your spiritual consciences.

In this process, there will be no more need to seek that act of love because you will be the very loving existence. There will be no more need for power, because you’ll feel the power in you. No need of external references, since all knowledge will be in your hearts. You will feel self-love, self-confidence and self-knowledge. Your heart will radiate such energies to your physical bodies, bringing feelings of well-being, pleasure and refuge that will make up for any need of external search. You will be in balance. You will cease the external searches. You will become complete in yourselves. You will present to the outside world this beautiful reality that is inside you. All its fullness will be irradiated.

See, beloved ones! Everything you seek externally is in your heart: love, power and wisdom. That’s why we have said everything you need is in your hearts. Absolutely everything! The Father is loving and has given you this beautiful gift. Use it. Feel it. It is a divine instrument of fullness which the Father has granted you.

That’s why, beloved masters, we’ve asked you to go inside yourselves and feel your bodies, because that way you would access your sacred hearts and recognize the energies of well-being, balance and pleasure they radiate to your bodies, whenever your decisions resonate with your spiritual awareness.

It is so much complexity from the Father in this energetic process! Feel the grace of our Father that granted you a complete instrument that will lead you to mastery and self-recognition! Notice in another way the simplicity that there is in this complex mechanism, because our Father is wise and loving.

With all my love and with great emotion for this sacred moment.

I am Nada and I am extremely grateful because you allowed me to bring you this brief explanation about the instrument that is your Sacred Heart. Use this divine tool.

Master Nada

Channel: Thiago Strapasson – 12.19.2015
Translation: Jeferson Henrique Ferreira

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