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Release your souls from all pain – Lord Emanuel

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Beloved masters, I receive you in this moment with all the love I keep in my heart. Feel the care I nourish for each one of you.

My beloved ones, we have been together many times, and you can attest it by feeling the energy I radiate to you. This energy will bring you the memory of an old friend, a great friend in the heart.

Greetings! This is me who is here. Your friend, Lord Emanuel. Can you feel me? So breathe deep and feel my warm hug. Just breathe calmly and feel all my love.

I bring you to my arms now, with all the love you feel, to cuddle your anxieties, doubts, fear, all this grief that you carry with you. I cuddle them lovingly to let them go and to relieve you.

Nowadays, your feelings are coming up, they are arising and it make you feel grief, something like you are missing something, and you feel lonely. But this is part of a cleanse process, this is a recognizing process. This is your rebirth!

You are rebirthing, and all pain and doubts attest your resurrection. The pains are prevalent now as a way for you to learn how to feel them and to receive them with all your love, to cuddle and treat them. Thus, you can transmute all that load into suavity.

When you receive them, you will be relieving every one. They were responsible for many self-attack, for the imbalance that you manifested many times. You’ve been carrying these pains for so long, but now just allow yourselves to feel them. There is no judgement here, my beloved ones!

Do you understand? You can feel them now. Understand that they has made you stronger and more prepared spiritually.

The pains helped you to be who you are. Therefore, care them as they deserve, because they walked with you through all this path, and then leave them go in onder to follow their destiny.

I reinforce, dearests: there is no judgement! These were experiences, and you should let them go to let new ones to come. This is the way that the Great Father see the experiences. So, why are you judging yourselves? You are sovereignly pretty and perfect; that is the way that Creation sees you!

More than this, we see you as brave ones which, despite all the restriction, all the pains you carry and the conflicts you faced, keep on going high, and thus you are creating a brand new world. There is no reason to judge! This time is to party and celebrate! You were brave! We applaud you sincerely. Listen to them and receive them as a prove of our love.

This is the moment to feel every single pain that helped you to walk through this world for so long time. Yes, because they impose to you a range of restrictions by carrying them, and so they let you to experience this reality of difficulties.

In the new world you are creating, you will become full beings. So, you don’t need theses pains anymore! Give them a kiss in the cheek, just like a father when he release a son, and let them go. Don’t you forget to thank them for being by your side, but do release them!

By doing this, you are recognizing everything you deserve, all Heavenly Father fullness. Let them go and let yourself feel inner peace, self-love. Feel that you deserve everything in all your sovereignty. So now caress yourself and let yourself to rise with all your heart.

This is what I’m specially asking you today! I do it because I love you deeply, with or without your pains. You will always be in my heart, because I am your sincere friend, and I don’t feed any judgement. Do it in the same way, and be happy, be your best friends, because this is our Father’s wish!

With deep love,

Lord Emanuel

Channel: Thiago Strapasson

Dec. 16th, 2015

Translation: Amanda Cordeiro

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